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WHi Candle Co. is a simple and sleek company.

Our unique selection of all-natural soy candles are hand-poured with 100% premium soy wax. We pride ourselves on high-quality products for any space.  Helping to bring a Warm, Happy, Inspiring experience to your home (hence the name WHi), we do so by caring and producing a great product. With lush notes and decadent combinations that will illuminate your space, WHi Candle Co. is here to bring you the ultimate candle experience!

We aim to

spread love,

through light,

one candle at a time!


HEYYY! I’m Rachel, founder of WHi Candle Co.
I’ve always envisioned myself owning my own company, and I’ve always had an obsession of buying candles. So much so that I decided to combine the two ideas together and create my own
candle brand. WHi Candle Co. is the ultimate candle experience based on how I feel about candles. So, I extend to you the opportunity to engage in the Warm, Happy and Inspiring experience of  WHi Candle Co as we spread love, through light, one candle at at time!


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